TL1300 Wireless Dimmer Family

The TL1300 general purpose wireless dimmer family is designed to be used in large networks, where range is important. Its working details are similar to our TL1100 family of switches, but in their case the inputs are voltage sensitive allowing variable brightness.

Fig 1. The TL1302 belonging to group 4 are full alight because the master's input number 4 is set to the maximum voltage. Group 2 is completelly off, and group 5 is somewhere in the middle.

Master Device

The master unit has analog inputs mesuring the voltage setting the light intensity in the slaves. This master unit can control up to 6 groups of slaves, the number of slaves per group is only limited by the unit range, this will be enough to control tens of thousands of lights if necessary.

Device Channels Applications Notes
TL1301 6 analogue inputs, 0V-10V or 1V-10V Dimmer Can control 6 groups of lights

Slave Devices

The slave devices receive the measured voltage in the master units and produce the appropiate power and waveform to drive the load to an appropiate light level. They are equipped with different output stages to drive different kind of loads. Each TL1302 is easily assigned to a group though a rotary switch and a LED display.

Device Output type Applications Notes
TL1302A MOSFET PWM, 1V-10V DC, 0V-10V Dimmable flourescent lights or any kind of 0V-10V or 1V-10V equipment. Needs to be connected to a dimmable ballast.
TL1302T Triac 240VAC, up to 3800VA Dimmable incandescent or halogen lights, acting on the transformer primary on the latter case. Generally can be used instead an usual dimmer.
TL1302M MOSFET, upto 50V DC, 4000W
Halogen lamps, machine control
TL1302C MOSFET, Current controlled PWM.
For current controlled applications as LED lighting. User adjustable output current from 250mA to 1.3A