Our licensable wireless switches are designed for simple ON/OFF functionality. If you need vasriable control please go to the wireless dimmers page.

These devices are very easy to configure, there is almost no on-site setup. There is no limit of how many slave units can be driven by one master so networks of thousands of devices are perfectly feasible.

Slave units can be grouped in up to 8 groups. Slave units belonging to a given group will turn ON and OFF at the same time. Click on the icons for more information.

Master Unit: TL1001KL

TL1001 in its network context The TL1001KL is the unit that controls the network, and has to be connected to the signals or switches that will operate the remote slave units.

Slave Units: TL1002 & TL1003

The TL1002 and TL1003 are the units that control the lights (they can control electric motors as well). The TL1002 is the base unit, in an aluminium case. The TL1003 is a smaller version that is able to fit into a back box. Click on the pictures to learn about them.