The TL1003 slave unit connects directly to a lamp or ballast. 

These units come in three types, AC, DC and for current controlled loads such as LEDs.

The only user serviceable function is selecting which group the unit is associated to and this is done using a simple 8 position rotatory switch.

The unit also has an LED display showing which group the unit is currently assigned to, and it will also display any malfunctions.

There is no minimum power requirement. For instance, a 100VA unit is capable of driving any resistive load from 0W to 100W. The same applies to inductive loads, taking in account its power factor. This unit is suitable for driving electric motors.

The TL1003 is similar to the TL1002, but is aimed at cost sensitive applications that do not need high power. It is smaller in size and measures only 50x50x24 millimeters. It is built from ABS and aluminium instead of incorporating a full metal enclosure. Initially it is only available for AC (TRIAC power stage). Its smaller size allows it to be placed inside backboxes. It can control loads as big as 250W, but its power is limited to 100W when placed inside a backbox.

The group selection is done using a push button.

Its full solid state design makes it completelly silent with no vibrations, buzzing or clicking during operation. It is protected against overheating.


Model Output Stage Type Load Uses
TL1003TA Triac, up to 240VAC, 50Hz and 60Hz 250W, 100W when used in a backbox. Lighting,machine automation, door aperture, remote actuation.
Triac, upto 240VAC, 50Hz and 60Hz 300W, flanged enclosure for wall mounting. Lighting, machine automation, door aperture, remote actuation.